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Steamer Basket

Looking for a steamer basket that can folds up for easy storage? Look no further than the vegetable food steamer basket! This steaming cooking capacity islveful basket is perfect for any meal preparation needs!

Adjustable Vegetable Steamer Basket

Steamer Basket For Instant Pot

In our home, we have asteamerbasket for instant pot. It is perfect for cooking things like chicken, fish, and rice. It comes with two cups of water and it can be used for cooking or to clean the pot. We use it all the time and it's perfect for instant pot!

Steaming Basket

The steaming basket is perfect for serving dim-sum dishes, such as bao buns or the popular dim sum dumplings. The 10" diameter by 2"tall basket is easy to carry and weighs only 10 pounds. this pressure cooker steamer basket is a great way to keep your pressure cooker running and looking great at the same time. This steamer basket has a traditional oriental style and is stackable for easy organization. It has a beautiful natural bamboo skin and features a variety of features that will make your pressure cooker stand out. the ylyl veggie vegetable steamer basket is a perfect way tosteam small amounts of vegetables. This basket comes with two steamer baskets to make multiple steamings or multiple cups of vegetables for a large one. The metal is durable and lightweight so it is easy to manage. The steamer basket also has a fold-away cord which makes it easy to transport. the steam basket for instant pot is a great way to keep your food in the pot and hidden from your food! It's perfect for vegetables or rice and can be easily organized with its easy-to-use foldable dish system. The steam basket is also removable for easy cleaning.