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Silver Plated Basket

This is a vintage russian silver plated basket. It is made of silver plated basket material and has a nice silver finish. It is a medium size for large baskets and has a strong silver seal. This basket is great for old world decor or for using up remaining silverware.

Silver Plated Basket With Handle

This is a silver plated basket with a handle. It is perfect for holding small items, such as nuts and bolts. The basket is also strong and durable, making it a great choice for daily use or for keeping your belongings safe.

Silver Plate Basket

This beautiful silver plated brass basket is perfect for storing away all of your silver or brass items. The basket is about 20 inches wide x 12 inches deep x 3 inches wide. It is made from thick silver or brass plates and have a small opening at the top for adding items. This basket is perfect for your modern kitchen or any place where silver or brass is needed. this silver plated basket is a beautiful gift for your loved ones. It is hand-led and handled with a gold-plated monogram, and features a basket filled with blooms. The monogram is seenqe in capital letters across the top of the basket. Seenqe is an inscription in old french on the top of the basket. It is late 1800s and is ornamented with victory/copper coins and medals, early 20th century art on the bottom of the basket. The top of the basket is now fitted with a checkered floor mat. This basket is a beautiful addition to any room, and is a perfect addition to a home setting. this silver plate wire basket is perfect for displaying your wine! The grapevine leaves in the handle make it a great addition to any setting. This basket is also backed by a factory warranty. this is a beautiful silver plated basket with a beautiful flower on the side. It is a great gift for the married couple!