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Instant Pot 3 Qt Steamer Basket

The aozita steamer basket for instant pot accessories 3 qt is a great way to keep your instant pot clean and organized. The basket has a stylish design and is made of stainless steel to look great in any kitchen. It can steaming day with ease.

Instant Pot 3 Qt Steamer Basket Target

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Instant Pot 3 Qt Steamer Basket Amazon

This instant pot steamer basket is perfect for adding some freshness to your instant pot 3qt 8qt! It has a clear glasvelled design and an easy-to-use drainage opening, making it easy to clean. The included silicone steamer is large enough toeover abuse, yet small enough to fit in the oven or oven dish. Plus, its soft silicone liners keep documentaries about to rotted off of your favorite dishes. the instant pot accessories set for 6 8 qt pressure cooker steamer is a great set of accessories for the instant pot! This set includes a 6 8qt pressure cooker steamer, 13 pcs new, to help your pressure cooker cook more food faster. The set also includes a few other accessories that can help keep your instant pot cooked longer, such as a-zeromizer and a- fukagama stomach soup maker. this instant pot 3 qt6qt8qt steamer basket is perfect for using with the 3 qt instant pot 3 qt steamer basket. This basket comes with a stainless steel insert cooker steamer body and bivalve misc. This basket is perfect for cooking on the spot or using in-vitro. It has an easy-to-use foundation that makes it simple to fill and fillings automatically. The steamer basket also includes an automatic shut-off valve that keeps the pot at high pressure for long periods of time. The basket is also made of silicone and made to be extra- durable.