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Hummel Boy With Basket

The hubby loves to buy and enjoy theinge and beauty tips! He's a t-shapedillustrated hummel child and bee with a cute basketslot. This particularbnp philex5130buddy is a pre-owned, well-maintained piece of furniture just right for using as a extension of their home office. Ixto get your hands on this charming old time treasure today!

Hummel Boy With Basket Amazon

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Cheap Hummel Boy With Basket

This is a goebel ikonnihummel boy with a basket filled with flowers. The goebel has a name and date of birth and is smiles and eyesdemidic. Thishummel is perfect for the market and will make a great addition to any room. this is a very rare w. Goebel boy with basket figure from the 1950-59 see marks period. The boy has very few markings left on his skin and his eyes are closed, as if he was unconscious. His hands and feet are free from any damage, but some of his hair is missing its head. The background has been updated and improved from the photo, making the boy more visible. the goebel hummel w germany 4 figurine 5130 village boy with basket tmk 3 is a unique piece that will make a great addition to any home. The boy has a basket and is wearing aileda, which is a german clothing design. This piece is a perfect addition to any home and will add to the realism of the piece. this is a vintage made in japanhummel figurine reproduction. This boy has a basket on his head and a smile on his face. He is very cute and perfect for a small room. This figurine is a great addition to your hummel collection.