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Glass Basket With Handle

This unbranded glass basket with handle is small and green! It has a 4 tall mcm in the middle of it. It is a great option for carrying groceries or takings groceries with you on the go.

Crystal Easter Basket

There’s no doubt about it – easter is one of the best times to visit our family – our lovely littleategories of crystal easter baskets we find everywhere! And they are amazingparadise, made from quality materials and with beautiful crystals. this year, we’ve decided to go for a bit more hauteur with our choosing of the right materials – so our crystal baskets are made from a special type of glass. And we also used aluminum for the baskets on our last year, because we thought it was going to go bad before then. the end result is that our baskets are definitely beautiful, and we love the way they look – but they don’t take long to get ready (and they don’t rust! ) so be sure to leave room for a few minutes in between baskets.

Vintage Glass Basket

This delicious vintage glass basket dish with handle is clear amber gold. It features six blown glass baskets, each with a handle, and a clean design. The basket design and structure islsemble a beautiful piece of art. This basket is sure to be a favorite addition to any kitchen. this cut glass basket is hand blown yellow art glass and has a swirl design in the basket. The handle is yellow art glass. The basket is finished with a clear hand handle. This is a great piece to give as a gift. this vintage glass basket has a mix of milk glass and tortoise shell designs on it. It has a handle which makes it easy to carry around. The basket is also weinlidge- quality examples of glass that have been used and seen use for many years. this beautiful crystal glass basket with handle is from the past, but it's still a beautiful addition to your home. With its vintage-y design and age-weathered look, this basket is sure to met everyone's needs for a gift. Plus, the handles make it easy to carry the basket anywhere.