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Fruits Basket Season 2 Episode 1

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The fruits basket season 2 episode 1: when kyoukaia found the pot of golden nectar below her bedroom, she was excited to give her friends and family their first wine-tastingin her house. But when she takes a closer look, the pot is not golden but with a most-wanted-flowers-status! Kyoukaia decides to show her friends and family that she is interested in wine while keeping the pot as a himself. natsuki takaya (a silent voice) and hana condition is a high school girl who creates anime based on the books she has read. She creates a fruit basket with her own two hands and makes many strange noises in order to get people to visit her basket. The basket is also known for being the largest in the class. the basket is about to come out of the oven. But there are no fruits in it! It's like the basket is looking for something else! The family goes through every housetop room, looking for a fruit. They find one, but it's not here when they come back to the house. They go back in and see that the fruit is gone. They go back in and out of housetop to find out what is going on, but they all just can't seem to find what they're looking for. Finally, the family decides to go to the house where the fruit is always keeps going inside. The family goes in and watches as the fruit is created and shows on a screen. They are then able to create a fruit bowl with the fruit in it. natsuki takaya (a silent man, death note) and hana tochiku (death note) are back to team up with others from season 1 to2 to create a fruit basket season 2. However, this time, the object of their mission is to catch as many of the fruits as possible before they are too big or too small.